Something new for 2016

First, it’s important that the team acknowledges the incredible effort put forth by all the volunteers with opening the Canfield Mine Trail (Blue Trail).  We completed a number of technical trail features and even finished a nice extension / reroute on the northern portion of the trail.  In addition, with the help of REI volunteers, we also opened another small section off of the Dickerson Mine Trail (White Trail) to the north.  We will continue to reopen sections of the park that connect to Canfield Avenue / Canfield School but want to direct our attention of a much more exciting project.

For 2016, we are directing our attention to the eastern portion of the property near Canfield Avenue where we will be building the new King Mine Trail (Yellow Trail).  We will be splitting this project into two phases so we can get you on the new trail as quick as possible.  In the first phase, we plan on completing the western most leg that will travel from north to south, intersecting the Dickerson Mine Trail (White Trail) on both sides.  With the second phase, we will continue the trail, completing a full lollipop loop that will take you closer to Canfield Avenue.

We will be announcing focused trail clinics for our volunteers that want to learn and participate in the planning and design phase of the project.  This will be a great learning opportunity so please contact us if you would like to participate.